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Experience the real Puerto Rico

Traveling is stepping out of the routine, out of the space that we are used to, learning about different cultures, seeing completely different realities up close, getting to know different places, different people and different languages.

The trip isn’t as fun if you don’t do it like a local. You have to forget about all your plans and your maps and just head down the road less traveled. This way you’ll be able to elevate your experience and truly find yourself: off the beaten path. Puerto Rico is the perfect place to do it and we’re gonna show you the best way how!


As soon as you arrive at the airport in San Juan you’ll have an excuse to put on your flip-flops, bathing suit and hat. Once outside the airport you’ll start to feel surrounded by all the majestic palm trees and then you’ll realize how close you are to the ocean and stepping foot on an amazing beach spot. Imagine having authentic Caribbean food and sipping piña coladas or fresh fruit frappes while dipping your toes in the sand in Piñones. This is just the beginning of your local trek and the start of a promising day. As the adventure rolls on you can discover a hidden path with natural pools on one side and mangroves on the other, all intertwining along the diverse flora and fauna. After a well deserved salty swim in the ocean, and a walk along the cliff sides, its time for some fresh water fun at a secret spot on the outskirts of El Yunque National Rainforest. Yeah!! And since this spot is our little secret, we promise you won’t find anyone else around.

Our journey covers the coast and the mountains, passing through Loiza’s Rio Grande and all the faces of the Puerto Rican culture, the Indian, the Spaniard and the African. After just 40 minutes of travel you start to feel the cool breeze from the rainforest and the sweet smell of fresh vegetation that intensifies as we climb further up to the highest point, where the humming of the birds and the sounds of the waterfalls bring you total peace. Here at the mountaintops of Rio Grande the adventure becomes more intimate and the trail more isolated. After a 15-minute walk along the beautiful river water and while sharing great company, you’ll reach one of our favorite spots. Be prepared to discover a place so natural and relaxing that you will feel like a Taíno Indian and jump into the water like Tarzan. You’ll want to spend hours exploring the huge boulders, swimming under the waterfall orplaying with the mud, but as soon as your stomach starts to growl because you already ate all the fruit on our way up, you’ll realize its time for a delicious local lunch. Don’t worry we got you covered. We’re taking you to the perfect place, right in front of the beach with so many different options for all your taste buds: the famous Luquillo kiosks. More than 60 kiosks and restaurants with all kinds of local food and cold drinks that are sure to satisfy all your cravings before a well-deserved nap on the beach or maybe even in a comfy hammock swaying back and forth to the sounds of the ocean.

This is just the beginning of an epic 5-star vacation for a traveler that knows how to stay off the beaten path and experience the real Puerto Rico!

By Cindy Perez| May 11th, 2016

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