The Across Caribe Team

Meet the Owners

The owners are Sahid Perez and Cindy de Groot Perez. They have relocated from Puerto Rico to Oceanside, California, after the destructive hurricanes hit the island in 2017. Nowadays they manage Across Caribe daily, long-distance with their dedicated and successful team of tour guides back in Puerto Rico.

Sahid Perez, a father of two from Venezuela, traveled for many years around the world and the U.S. as a professional surfer. His love for surf and mother nature inspired him to settle in Puerto Rico, where he resided for over 10 years and started his career in the tourism industry.

Cindy de Groot Perez, a mother of two from the Netherlands, traveled for many years around the world for work and leisure. She met Sahid during her travels and together they decided to create a future together, make their dreams come true and combine their powers and skillsets to become more successful in the tourism industry.

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The Rest of the Team

Alex Tour Guide
Pablo Afro Percussion Instructor
Allison Rodriguez Diaz Salsa Dance Instructor
Beto Torrens Drum Instructor

Photos coming soon of our other team members:

Juan – Tour Guide

Moira – Tour Guide

Alex – Photography Instructor

Carlos Salcedo – Tour Guide

Carlos Gonzalez – Tour Guide

Sonia – Office Assistant

Michael – Captain