Sahid Perez
Sahid Perez

Sahid Perez- Owner
VENEZUELAN –  Born 1983

From a very young age, Sahid has been traveling around the globe as a professional surfer. He has a big love for foreign countries, cultures and people. Very connected to mother nature and her ocean, he spends most of his days being active outdoors. After 5 years working in the tourism industry for another tour company, he decided to take on the adventure of entrepreneurship with his partner, Cindy Perez, to create their own tour company, nowadays called Across Caribe. Besides running his company, Sahid is active as a photographer, pro surfer, designer and partner of a restaurant called Prros Locos in San Juan. A man with many qualities, driven by passion and not afraid to work hard for what he desires.

Cindy Perez
Cindy Perez

Cindy Perez – Owner

Traveling around the globe is what Cindy has done a lot. After a 2-year backpack trip around the world, full of surf and kitesurfing, she met her partner, Sahid Pérez, in Indonesia. Together they travelled back to Sahid’s home base in Puerto Rico and quickly started to make their creative dreams become a reality in the tourism industry. Cindy has an extensive background as an entrepreneur in the field of dance with her own company body2move along with many years of experience in different office positions with international businesses. Nowadays, she dedicates her time fully to being a mother and teaching dance.

The Team

Beto Torrens
Beto TorrensDrum Instructor
Manuel Casalduc
Manuel CasalducTour Guide
Antonio Quiros
Antonio QuirosPhotography Instructor
Allison Rodriguez Diaz
Allison Rodriguez DiazSalsa Dance Instructor
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