Job Opportunities at Across Caribe

Amaze yourself. Amaze our guests.

A job at Across Caribe is unlike any other job you’ll ever have. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be gratified. Because whatever you do here, you’ll be part of something that makes us all proud – delivering authentic, enriching and sometimes profoundly life-changing experiences.

  • Do you have amazing travel experiences to share with others?
  • Are you well organized, flexible, outgoing, with a good sense of humor?
  • Is dealing with people enjoyable for you?

If you answered YES to the above questions, we may have the adventure job that you’ve been looking for!

Current Employment Opportunities

We are looking for staff all year round! Our high season runs from November to March and we are always looking for drivers and/or guides.

Benefits of working for Across Caribe

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Working outdoors
  • Earn a lot in gratuities
  • Work on a dynamic and enthusiastic team
  • Work self-employed
  • Develop your life skills: A great opportunity to develop decision-making skills, manage group dynamics, acquire strong organizational qualities, and improve foreign language skills

Job Profile

Skills, Interests, and Qualities

  • An interest in working with people
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to present information in an interesting way
  • A good memory for facts, figures, and events
  • A keen interest in the history of Puerto Rico and other related subjects
  • The ability to manage your time effectively
  • An awareness of health and safety issues
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Good health and high energy level
  • Resourcefulness
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Job FAQs

  • Chevron down Do I need to know a 2nd language?
  • No, you do not. Most of our guests are English-speakers, but it is a plus if you speak Spanish.

  • Chevron down How does scheduling work?
  • You inform us of your available working days every two weeks in advance.

  • Chevron down How much work can I expect?
  • This is a part-time job where in high season we will be able to provide more work than in low season. The more days you are available and the more flexible you are, the more work we can give you. This can vary from two to five days per week.

  • Chevron down Is it seasonal?
  • Yes, it is seasonal, but in low season we are still able to book you in if you wish.

  • Chevron down Any benefits included?
    • End of the year bonus to every staff member
    • Car teardown fee per workday if driving your own
    • Free meal on the day of work
    • All gratuities from guests