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5 Things you cannot forget to pack for your trip to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island full of charm, adventure, and beautiful landscapes. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, shining bright with pristine beaches and a constant tropical climate throughout the year. It’s considered a top destination that attracts thousands not only for its unique beauty but also for that “eternal summer vibe” that attracts those who prefer to travel and pack light.

Note these 5 essential items that you can’t forget to pack in your suitcase:

Sun block
As I mentioned before, Puerto Rico enjoys an “eternal summer” 365 days a year. Which means that many of the activities you can enjoy will mostly be outdoors and will have you exposed to the burning Caribbean sun. I know, that you’re completely focused on developing the perfect summer tan, but do not overestimate how important it is to use the 50+ sunscreen. No one wants to ruin their vacation with a sudden case of heat stroke or sunburn!

This will probably be your official outfit during the whole trip. All Puerto Ricans know that you should always have a swimsuit with you just in case, even if it’s packed in the back of your car. The different bodies of water scattered throughout the island are endless and whenever it gets hot everybody just goes in for a dip. So don’t worry about feeling like a tourist when strolling around town in your swimsuit 24/7. You’re going to want to stop to swim at every beach or every river you find along the way!

Comfortable shoes
Getting blisters on your feet is another factor that could ruin your trip and oh what a pain that could be! If you want to venture around and not miss a second of excitement during your stay, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes. I recommend a pair of flip-flops for beach days and a pair of good shoes for hiking or sneakers that you can get wet. Think that you will need them for many different days of adventure: touring the Yunque Rainforest, kayaking in the Bio Bays, walking along the sandy beaches or walking down the ancient cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.

Mosquito repellent
Yes, you are going to encounter mosquitoes and yes, you could probably become prey to them. They are a natural part of our biodiversity and our tropical climate. The best thing to do is to protect yourself at all times. It has been rumored in recent months that the spread of the Zika virus has been linked to the island, and even though the severity has been greatly exaggerated by the media, it is definitely better to prevent instead of remedy. We do not believe that this virus is reason enough to halt local tourism and therefore we just warn all our visitors to use repellant (standard or organic), especially at those hours close to sunset. Our tour guides know how to make a great homemade mosquito repellent, ask them about it!

Good camera
Nowadays we are fortunate that almost everyone has a smartphone and so many of us have become fans of photography. Be it with your camera phone or any other camera; make sure to capture the infinite landscapes that cover the island. You’ll want to take pictures in every single corner, every beach, every mountain, every sunset and every colorful building in Old San Juan. Even better if you bring an underwater camera to capture the beauty of all our reefs, the schools of different fish, stingrays and turtles that you can encounter while diving or snorkeling. Nothing beats an underwater selfie!

What are you waiting for? Book your 5-star tropical vacation now!

Pack light and head down to the Island of Enchantment!

By Cindy Perez| November 15th, 2016

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