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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

About Puerto Rico

Located in the northeastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico is home to beautiful white sandy beaches, breathtaking landscapes, 80-degree weather, and some of the warmest people in the world. The island is a true gem that offers something unique to travelers who want to feel connected with nature and seek out and experience the culture and heritage pulsating on every corner.

As you take your first sip of cold coconut water, you mesh with the magic of an island full of infinite possibilities. The vibrant colors of the colonial buildings, the turquoise waters of the ocean, the green of the mountains, the amazing hiking trails, and the year-round tropical climate will always continue to entice you. Indulge in exotic cocktails, try locally brewed coffee, sway into the evening with the serenading calls of the “coquí,” let yourself feel the embrace of the Caribbean and confirm that finally, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

Submerge yourself in the essence of surfing the waves, snorkeling the reefs, cruising the rivers, dancing to “bomba and plena” and savoring some truly exquisite culinary creations. Discover the beauty of exploring El Yunque Rainforest, with cascading waterfalls and Taíno hieroglyphics. Glide through the glow-in-the-dark water while night kayaking in one of the three bio bays that harbor dinoflagellates.

To truly delve into the wonders of Puerto Rico, you have to do so as a local, off the beaten path, and that’s exactly what we at Across Caribe want you to experience.

We have a vibrant, fresh and modern team of experienced world travelers that are eager to guide you. Our core is made up of local and international professionals with a personal approach that works with a true passion for humans and nature alike. We offer full service seven days a week and have a vast array of active and stimulating adventures on land and sea waiting to be discovered.

Lets us show you the true colors of Puerto Rico, without maps and full of unforgettable moments!

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